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The benefits of owning a garden canopy

If you enjoy entertaining family and friends or enjoy being in the outdoors, adding a canopy to your garden will not only enable this but enhance your outdoors. There are so many benefits to owning a garden canopy. Our top three are listed below:

Flexible in size and design
Firstly, there are several garden canopies you can pick from, whether these are enclosed, open, wood, glass, or material. No matter your style or design there are a multitude of options to suit everyone’s needs as they come in a wide variety of shapes and designs.

By opting for glass, these require less maintenance and are more energy efficient. Choosing wood canopies offer a more authentic, classical feel to your home. They can also be implemented using canvas/cotton, these are breathable fabric and can absorb water well, they are also quite heavy which means they are quiet and are not too noisy in the breeze.

If you are looking for a canopy that can be utilised all year round, the best two options are wood and glass, however if you are looking for a canopy that can be used as and when you would like, a canvas canopy that is retractable is the best option.

Proving shelter and shade
The best part about canopies is that they provide the shelter and shade that you may not necessarily get in your garden. Whether it is hot, raining, or cold, canopies will allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. If you decide on a open canopy, like wooden or a retractable canvas, this will enable you to get shade during the summer as well as shelter from the rain. However, during winter these will not provide protection from the cold unless you install an outdoor heater.

Whereas, choosing a glass canopy these require less maintenance and are more energy efficient. Like all glass in your home, by having double glazed windows these are not only more secure, but they also prevent heat escaping your home.

Encourage yourself and loved ones to be outside
After a very turbulent year and having to remain in our homes to keep ourselves and loved ones safe, one thing that has been difficult is being able to go outside and go about our normal everyday life. Therefore, a canopy would be an ideal addition to any household as you get to be outside without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Having a canopy encourages you to be in your garden and get that fresh air, this is because you have the shade from the sun if need be, or the shelter from the rain or cold. If you enjoy entertaining, all year round, having a canopy where you can install an outside heater will be a great addition, or if you want to encourage your loved ones to get outside without having to travel, relaxing in your canopy will be a place for everyone, no matter your age.

By choosing a glass canopy, this will not only allow you to enjoy the summer, but it will also remain a comfortable area during winter where you can enjoy the outdoors without leaving home.

If you have any questions regarding canopies or what would work best for you, we are more than happy to assist.


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