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How to pick the perfect backsplash to compliment your kitchen

Deciding on a backsplash in your kitchen can be one of the hardest decisions when redesigning. There are a large variety of materials, finishes and colours to consider and pick from. Making sure your backsplash compliments your kitchen and visa versa is key. There are several decisions you need to make before finding your perfect finish.

Tile or stone?
More often than not, it is seen that a large number of homeowners go for either tile or stone. If you opt for a stone or granite countertop, getting matching backsplash will add to the flow of the kitchen. However, this option can come in quite costly and it is not ideal if the foundations of the house cannot hold this kind of weight.

In most modern houses today, many backsplashes that are installed tend to be a variation of tiles. This is due to the fact they are more customisable due to the variation available, and they are much more cost effective.

What tile?
If you have opted to install tile in your kitchen, the next step is to decide on the design. This includes colour, patterns, and size of the tile. Depending on the size of the kitchen may play a part in the size of the tile you decide to go for.

With smaller tiles there is a larger amount of grouting which makes the room appear smaller and more cluttered than it may be; however, the pros of having smaller tiles gives is that you have the option to install mosaics along with larger tiles to create a personalised design with various colours that will be unique to your kitchen.

Choosing a larger tile will reduce the amount of grouting and in turn make your kitchen appear bigger. As well as this you have to consider your counter tops, if you plan on having a large number of appliances on your countertops you may want to consider larger tiles because this will make the room look less cluttered and more spacious.

Choosing a colour
When deciding on a colour, the design and style of your kitchen should influence the tile for your backsplash. You ideally want a backsplash that ties your whole kitchen together and be the finishing touch.

If you are aiming for a light and airy kitchen, installing a lighter colour tile that will pull out and compliment your cabinets and surfaces would be perfect. However, if you are aiming for a darker and contrasting kitchen, picking a colour that is opposite to your counter tops and cabinets will bring a whole new element and feature piece to your kitchen.

Final design
Once you have picked your tile and colour, deciding how your backsplash will appear on your wall is a whole new level. Do you want this backsplash to simply compliment the stove, or do you want to make a feature wall of it? Each design can bring different elements to your kitchen. By making a feature wall of it, this will draw the eyes into a well planned laid out design. However, by installing your backsplash exclusively behind the stove, will draw eyes in and will add that extra element of strategic design.

It is always difficult picking the right material and design for a backsplash as there are so many options and considerations. If you have any questions or need any help, we are more than happy to have a call with no obligations.


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