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Top 5 design tips for a smaller bathroom

Every bathroom should feel like a sanctuary, no matter the size. A lot of our customers come to us and are worried that their bathrooms are either too small or are an unconventional shape where they cannot create their perfect relaxation spot in the house. However, just because your bathroom may be small or unusual, this does not limit the ability to make this room a place to switch off and wash away the stresses of the day. So why not look at our top 5 tips to utilise a smaller bathroom to the best of your ability.

Floating appliances
By having floating appliances, like your vanity unit or your lavatory this will give the appearance of a larger room by freeing up floor space. As well as this, by having a floating vanity unit which incorporates your wash basin, this will free up space below where you can increase your storage by having built in cabinets. In smaller rooms, having sharp corners are sometimes hazardous, therefore, to avoid this, installing rounded style cabinets will allow you to have extra storage without the accidents.

Installing large mirrors
Not only does large mirrors add a beautiful aesthetic to your room but it also can also add major depth. A large mirror makes a room look larger because it creates an illusion on depth, it essentially tricks the eye into thinking there is more room than there is. This is achieved by both natural and artificial lighting reflecting off the mirror to make the room brighter both day and night. This leads onto point three which is all around installing good lighting.

There are so many different types of mirrors you can install. They can be ceiling to floor length on a feature wall, they can be the full width of a wall next to a vanity unit or you can be more contemporary and install several different sized mirrors on various walls to use the light in different ways. The opportunities are endless, and they can work around everybody’s style preferences.

Install good lighting
There are many ways you can incorporate lighting into a bathroom without the standard wall mounted lights. Vanity lights are a perfect yet simple way to optimise the lighting in your bathroom. The space around the mirror is often very limited which means when using just ceiling lights, this can result in unwanted shadows and patchy lighting. By using a vanity mirror it is a great way to add bright lighting without losing space.

Under cabinet lighting and spotlights are an ideal way to light the hard to light areas. By diminishing the darker areas this will result in the room feeling bigger and more spacious. These are also easily concealed which stops the room feeling cluttered.

Large scale patterns or big tiles
A smaller bathroom will generally benefit from larger tiles, this is because there are fewer grout lines which results in the room feeling less cluttered compared to smaller tiles which has a larger amount of grouting and can result in a room feeling smaller and more cluttered.

A large-scale pattern, like a wide stripe, will draw the eye through the room and make it feel more expanded than the room is. We may have the same square footage to work with, but the room will feel considerably bigger.

Removing the bathtub and installing a shower
Not everyone loves having a bath, if you are one of these people then opting for a larger shower is ideal. Showers generally take up less space and by replacing the bath tub with a shower you could use the extra space to install a larger more luxurious shower, for example, a waterfall shower, or a walk in steam shower with a seat.

They are also more accessible for elderly family members or people who have mobility impairments. By having an open, walk in shower without a door or curtain this makes it easier for them to access and exit the shower. Furnishing a shower also can also utilise your space more wisely, by installing bars on the walls and towel rails on the outside of the shower will add functionality without compromising on design.


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