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Difference between single, double, and triple glazing – pros and cons.

A lot of people get confused about the differences between single, double, and triple glazing. It often leaves the buyers confused and just agreeing to what is recommended by the seller. However, different window glazing’s may benefit different customers in various ways. We thought we would put a handy guide together to help you pick the best glazing for you and your needs.

With regular single glazed windows, these are simply a single pane of glass that separates the inside of your house and the outside world. Several points about single pane windows:
– They are not very insulative – they both let out a lot of heat and let in the cold.
– Not very sturdy – as they are only single pane they are not as sturdy which means there is a higher potential for intruders to make a quick entrance.
– Not that thick – The noise pollution from outside can infiltrate your indoor space.

This is where double glazing will improve the quality of your home and living experiences, just with a simple change. Double glazing simply put is two panes of glass with air or gas that is trapped between two panes.
Comparing this to single glazing, double glazing has more chances to prevent heat escaping your home. It also is stronger and is sturdier towards intruders and noise pollution.

Triple glazing windows offer the same benefits as double glazing but takes it one step further. It is simply three panes of glass with gas or air between each pane.
It is more common to see triple glazing in countries that tend to have extreme winters. This is because they are proven to be more insulated and it is that extra layer that will stop the heat from escaping.

However, within the UK it tends to vary between double and triple glazing. Single glazing is not typically a window that will be installed into houses, these are usually seen on older houses, for example, historical cottages. With the double and triple glazing, this usually helps when there are poor insulation, and it will help reduce discomfort or high energy bills.

When it comes to costs, as expected, the higher quality and the more product means the higher the cost. Therefore, when it comes to triple glazing it is pricier but that is due to the benefits. For the same style of windows there can be on average of £150 more. To look for the energy efficiency rating you need to look out for the BFRC rating. BFRC stands for British Fenestration Rating Council, this is the UK authority that manager rating for both doors and windows. By ensuring your windows are rated at A or higher this will mean you will have a better chance of saving money in the long term when it comes round to insulation and heating bills, as well as reducing your environmental footprint over time.

If you are considering upgrading from single to double or triple, you are more likely to see a larger benefit in comparison to if you were switching from double to triple. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the right glazing for you and your home, there are a few factors to consider before deciding.


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